Surfite + Sterling Silver Necklace - "Classics" Round

Surfite + Sterling Silver Necklace - "Classics" Round


Surf Gem Surfite Pendant - Upcycled Surfboard Resin - Sterling Silver

“Classics” colorway: Lavender/Blue/Red/Yellow/White

Want to know a secret? You don’t have to be a surfer to love surfite. These vibrant colors are delightfully versatile, making a bold statement with a little black dress, or hinting at beachy summer vibes with a more bohemian look. So whether you’re salty or straightlaced, boho or bold, Surfite is always an excellent choice!

Colorful upcycled surfboard resin has been shaped into a softened square in our Surf Gem design. Surfite is bezeled in fine silver on a sterling silver backplate.

Pendant is 100% handmade in San Diego, California by Casey and Jess of Low Tide Landing. Upcycled/Repurposed surfboard resin ("surfite") cabochon set in fine silver (0.999) bezel, on sterling silver (0.925) backplate and chain.


SURFITE is a playful name for upcycled surfboard resin. It's a man-made by-product of the surfboard glassing process: hand-mixed resins are poured over the boards, and the excess spills over the sides and onto the shop floor, where it builds up, layer by layer, color by color.

We've partnered with some local shapers and glassers to turn that would-be waste material into a beautiful alternative "gemstone". Though a time- and labor-intensive process the resin slabs are cut, shaped, smoothed, and polished, until they become the beautiful surfite pieces featured in our jewelry.


* SInce Surfite is made of resin, it is a very durable material. However, like any natural gemstone, please take care when wearing as the material can become marred if knocked against a hard surface with enough force. Both surfite and silver can be gently buffed with a polishing cloth to bring it up to a sparkly shine.

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