Recycled Sterling Silver Sea Urchin Medallion

Recycled Sterling Silver Sea Urchin Medallion

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These hand-forged sea urchins are made from 100% recycled sterling silver (0.925). Two styles available; one with a small aventurine stone bead, one with larger aventurine and abalone.

Sea urchins are handmade from recycled sterling silver. Scrap silver is melted down, hammered flat, then textured, drilled, domed, and polished. Urchins are echinoderms with pentameral symmetry (or five-sided symmetry radiating out from the center point), so my urchins repeat their texture patterns five times each. The silver sea urchins have been given a patina to show off the texture and contrast.

Completely handmade with sterling silver (0.925), aventurine, and abalone. Pendant comes with an 18” sterling silver chain, ready to wear. Handmade in San Diego, California.

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