Sea Urchin + Abalone Tide Pool Pendant

Sea Urchin + Abalone Tide Pool Pendant

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A hand-forged sea urchin sits atop a colorful abalone “pool” in this one of a kind handmade necklace. Sea urchins are handmade from sterling silver (or brass). They are sawn out, hammered, and domed, and given a patina to show the texture and contrast. Urchins are echinoderms with pentameral symmetry (or five-sided symmetry radiating out from the center point), so my urchins repeat their texture patterns five times each.

Highly polished abalone shell (called paua, from New Zealand) is surrounded by sterling silver bead accents. Abalone shifts colors in the light, creating an eye-catching pool you’ll want to dive into.

Each pendant features a hidden bail on the reverse, as well as our LTL maker’s mark.

Completely handmade with sterling silver (0.925) and jewelry-grade brass. Paua (abalone) shell. Pendant comes with a sterling silver chain, ready to wear. (Large pendant comes on a 20” chain; small pendants on 18” chain.) Handmade in San Diego, California.

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