Free Dive Stacker Set - Kelp and Abalone Rings

Free Dive Stacker Set - Kelp and Abalone Rings

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Sterling Silver Stacking Ring Set - Hand-Forged Kelp Stalk Rings with Abalone Shell Accent Ring

Go deep with our Free Dive stacker set to discover an iridescent abalone at the kelp forest floor. Long, sinuous stalks of kelp wind their way around your fingers, their textured blades curving and curling as though in a soft current. A droplet of natural abalone shell, nestled among the seaweed on its own wrapped ring band, completes the stacking set.

Each set made to order, each set unique. Versatility of wear/styling allows you to stack rings however you like.

How to Order: The FREE DIVE kelp+abalone stacker set is available as a set of TWO RINGS (one kelp + one abalone accent) or as a set of THREE RINGS (two kelps + one abalone accent). Select your preference of how many rings in the set style option, then add your ring size in the form at checkout.

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