Custom Order Inquiries

We are often asked if we can create custom pieces, and our answer is a resounding YES! We love working with our customers to design and create a special, one of a kind treasure that they can cherish for years to come.

There are three kinds of custom orders we frequently see:

  • Sea glass ring or pendant created with sea glass found and supplied by our customer

  • A request to replicate a piece we have previously made and sold

  • A fun, new idea that’s both meaningful to our customer and fits with our overall aesthetic

How Does it Work?

Easy! Start by filling out the form below—that will give us a pretty good idea of what kind of order we’re looking at.

We’ll email you back to confirm, and to clear up any details or loose ends. Then we’ll create a CUSTOM ORDER LISTING in the shop and send it to you to purchase.

Payment is required before work on a piece begins. Once payment is received we’ll create your item and when it’s finished we’ll send you a message so you can know when to expect to receive it in the mail. (Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom orders.)

Can I Send You My Own Sea Glass?

In most cases, YES. We’ll ask you to email a photo of the piece before committing to the order to ensure that it’s a good piece for a jewelry setting. Please include an object to show size reference, such as a coin or a ruler.

What Will This Cost?

Price depends on the size of the sea glass or overall piece, and the level of intricacy required. When a customer supplies their own sea glass, the price of the piece is typically lower than purchasing a ready-made piece of similar size/style in our shop. (Adding extra elements or other customized details may increase the final cost.)

One Last Thing…

If you’re requesting that we re-create a previous LTL piece, please keep in mind that there will likely be slight variations, especially with pieces involving sea glass (as you know, every piece of sea glass is unique!).

Please do not ask us to replicate the design of another artist or maker. If you like what someone makes, ask them to make it for you!

Okay, ready to get started? Fill out the form below!

Custom Order Request Form

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