The Surfite Manifesto: So What Exactly IS Surfite?

Surfite. Surf Stone. Surf Gems. It’s bright, colorful, and loads of fun, but what exactly is SURFITE?

Well, in a word… TRASH.

Or, more precisely, it’s a waste byproduct of the surfboard glassing process, diverted from landfills to be given a second life as alternative gemstones. (Phew!)

Let me back up a bit, because I’m guessing you’re probably not a surfboard shaper. I’m certainly not! I do get the same question quite often though: “Is surfite made from old surfboards?”

Answer: No. It’s not made from old surfboards, but from the excess resin that spills off the boards. That resin seals a layer of fiberglass over the shaped surfboard, and in order to seal it entirely, you need a lot of resin. A LOT. Enough to run over the sides in an even coat…then drip and pool on the floor under the board! As board after board after board is glassed in the glassing bay, the floor builds up in resin that can be up to six inches thick.

Periodically, that resin-covered floor gets busted up into enormous slabs, hauled out the door, and chucked into the dumpster, never to be seen again.

So, yeah. Trash.

But… isn’t that super weird?

Not at all!

Think about it: sea glass started its journey, years ago, as trash. Before we “knew better”, it was common practice to send waste to the sea. After years and years of tumbling in the waves, voila. Trash glass transforms into sea glass, a “manmade gemstone” that’s highly sought after for its glowing colors and frosty texture.

We see Surfite’s journey as much the same. Instead of sending all that waste resin to the landfill, we’ve salvaged it and given it a second life—and a significantly more glamorous one at that.

So take another look at those first three images above. While you may simply see colors and shapes, we see it differently. We see potential. We see redemption. We see an opportunity to turn something broken and into something beautiful; to turn waste into something vibrant, something jubilant.

Maybe we love Surfite so much because it reminds us that we can be made into something new, too.

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